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Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SCoJeC)
Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SCoJeC)
Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SCoJeC)


Kosher Ceilidh in St Andrews!
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21 November 2009
The Shabbat that SCoJeC and Soul Train spent with St Andrews students and local Dundee residents in was the first time any external Jewish organisation had visited the community for the whole of Shabbat.
Despite heavy monsoon-like rain and flooding across Scotland over the weekend, David and Danny created a lively and talkative atmosphere amongst both students and adults alike, from the beginning of the event just before Shabbat. After a warm and friendly Kabbalat Shabbat Service led by Danny, the students were entertained during the meal by Zemirot songs from the group, as well as interesting stories about Israel and the individual lives of the group’s families, some of whom are around the same ages as the students. This helped make a connection, and the Friday night was a huge success for all participants – nicely topped off with a typical student whisky l’chaim!
Saturday morning arrived to yet more rain!  This was in fact the first time ever that the Jewish students held their own Shabbat morning service, Kiddush, and lunch (again with singing and support from SCoJeC and Soul Train). These took place at the home of one of the University lecturers, which was an intimate and close environment ideal for the students and community to bond further with the visitors. Lunch (in particular lots of felafel, houmous and salads!) created the perfect opportunity for the students to hold an interesting discussion session in which everyone got involved. Like all Jewish discussions it became quite entertaining, and the traditional saying “two Jews, three opinions” definitely applied! However, all was resolved with more food, a good laugh, and, of course, more singing!
The feedback has been very positive, with many thoughtful and positive comments from individual students who enjoyed such an amazing and successful event, that attracted not only regular students but also by some who had not attended or hardly attended any previous Jewish Society event.
Hayen Krasner (St Andrews University Student Jewish Society)


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