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Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SCoJeC)
Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SCoJeC)


Kosher Ceilidh in Lochgilphead!
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18 November 2009
Listening to Soul Train in Lochgilphead

The response to the Soul Train musicians in Lochgilphead was overwhelming. "I often feel like an outsider" said one member of the audience, "but tonight I feel part of a community."

"Events like this make me feel that I belong" said another, adding that "Four Corners (SCoJeC's quarterly newsletter) does that too."

Jean McGavin and Soul Train

SCoJeC holds regular events in the Campbell Street Centre, so we were almost on home ground, and the Kosher Ceilidh was attended both by regulars and newcomers. One regular, Jean MacGavin, sang "My Yiddishe Mama", and the "Skye Boat Song" with Soul Train, and also told us something of her background, illustrated with snatches of songs from around the world.

Dancing in Lochgilphead

Once the ball had been set rolling, others joined in; the singing included Scottish and Irish songs as well as Soul Train's usual repertoire, and we were even treated to a solo Gaelic song from a member of the audience.

And there was dancing!



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