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Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SCoJeC)
Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SCoJeC)
Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SCoJeC)


Points of View

A selection of contributions to interfaith and community relations publications, and events of relevance to the Jewish Community in Scotland.

BBC Scotland discussion about Holocaust Memorial Day
Kirsty Robson and
Philip Rodney
Jan 2023
BBC Scotland discussion about Lord Mann's recommendation to teach modern antisemitism in schools
Danielle Bett
Dec 2022
BBC Scotland discussion about Lord Mann's report on antisemitism in schools
Ephraim Borowski
Dec 2022
BBC Scotland discussion following the death of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
Ephraim Borowski and Zara Mohammed
Sep 2022
Holocaust Memorial Day 2022
A Reflection
Ephraim Borowski
Jan 2022
BBC Scotland discussion about the CST Incidents Report Jan–Jun 2021
Mark Gardner and Ephraim Borowski
Aug 2021
BBC Scotland discussion about celebrating Pesach during the Covid-19 pandemic
Mark Cohen and Ephraim Borowski
Apr 2020
How I discovered Scotland’s teachers really are amazing
Joe Goldblatt
Jan 2020
BBC Scotland interview about recent cases of antisemitism in political parties
Danielle Bett
Nov 2019
Eli Grunewald
Mar 2019
Ephraim Borowski
Mar 2019
Ephraim Borowski and Fariha Thomas
Nov 2018
Ephraim Borowski
Aug 2018
Ephraim Borowski
Jul 2018
Danielle Bett
Jul 2018
Prof. Paul Spicker
Apr 2018
Mark Gardner (Director of Communications, CST)
Mar 2018
Ephraim Borowski
Aug 2017
Ephraim Borowski, Saskia Tepe, and
Prof Henry Maitles
Jan 2017
Being Jewish in Scotland today
(published: Church of Scotland "Life and Work")
Ephraim Borowski
Dec 2016
Ephraim Borowski
Jan 2015
The Scottish Independence Referendum
(published: Jewish Leadership Council)
Ephraim Borowski and
Leah Granat
Jun 2014
"Thought for the Day", BBC Scotland
Read or listen to the Chief Rabbi's contribution
Chief Rabbi
Ephraim Mirvis
Jun 2014
Address to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland:
Read the address or watch the video
Chief Rabbi
Ephraim Mirvis
May 2014
Ben Carroll (representing the European Union of Jewish Students)
Mar 2014
Ephraim Borowski
Jul 2012
Iona Broadhurst and Faith Bulle
Jan 2012
Interview about the Community on the eve of Rosh HaShanah
(broadcast: "John Beattie", BBC Scotland)
Ephraim Borowski
Sep 2011
Ephraim Borowski
Jul 2011
Rabbi Awraham Soetendorp
Jan 2011
Achieving Race Equality in Scotland
(published: Runnymede)
Ephraim Borowski
Dec 2010
Intelligent Design
(broadcast: "Sally on Sunday", BBC Scotland)
Ephraim Borowski
Oct 2010
The current situation in the Middle East
(broadcast: "Good Morning Scotland",
BBC Scotland)
Ephraim Borowski
Jun 2010
Religion, Democracy, and Respect
(Presentation at a seminar organised by the
Equality and Human Rights Commission )
Ephraim Borowski
May 2009
Cantor Ernest Levy
Jan 2008
Inter Faith Relations
(Address to the General Assembly of the
Church of Scotland )
Dianna Wolfson
May 2007
National Network Could Save Dying Communities
(published: The Jewish Telegraph)
Paul Spicker
May 2007
Jewish and Scottish - the threads
and the tartan
(Baillie Lecture, University of Edinburgh)
Ephraim Borowski
Nov 2006


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