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2 June 2020

Despite the current international state of emergency, some aspects of normal life continue, including parliamentary and other political activity, and indeed in some respects the concerns of minority communities have increased. SCoJeC is therefore very proud that at the same time as we have extended our activities to connect and support Jewish people in Scotland – taking them online has hugely increased our reach – we have also maintained and expanded our representative functions.

One key part of that is our Political Affairs Digest (PAD), which provides an almost daily snapshot of information relevant to the Jewish community. This covers political activity in the UK and Scottish Parliaments, the other devolved administrations, European institutions, and the United Nations, and includes information relating to antisemitism, community relations, shechitah, Israel, and a wide range of other topics that affect Jewish life in Scotland and the UK.

The Political Affairs Digest was launched in 2008, and has now reached the very significant milestone of its 2,000th issue. It is clearly highly valued by its regular readership, and is used by many as an archive, so that it is consistently one of the most popular sections of our website, with around 20,000 hits per month. 

We are particularly proud and delighted to have received the congratulations and good wishes from many sections of this widely representative readership:

The Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Local Government,
Aileen Campbell MSP
Message from the Scottish Government
The Scottish Government would like to congratulate the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities on the publication of the 2,000th issue of the Political Affairs Digest. 
The Digest plays an important role in keeping people in Scotland regularly informed of the relevant political activity affecting Jewish communities, something which is particularly relevant during these rapidly changing times.
The Scottish Government recognises and greatly values the substantial and enduring influence of the Jewish faith and culture on Scotland's communities and we want to thank you for helping Scotland through this crisis.  I hope that you continue to stay safe and look forward to continuing our work together in creating a fairer Scotland.
The Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Local Government,
Aileen Campbell MSP
Marie van der Zyl, President, Board of Deputies
Message from the Board of Deputies
Congratulations to SCoJeC on this milestone 2,000th edition of the Political Affairs Digest. It's a great one stop summary for all governmental activity relevant to the Jewish Community. I commend SCoJeC for PAD's detailed coverage and its circulation across Scotland and beyond and look forward to the next 2,000 editions.
Marie van der Zyl, President
Jonathan Goldstein, Chair, Jewish Leadership Council
Message from the Jewish Leadership Council
SCoJeC's Political Affairs Digest is an incredibly useful resource for Jewish individuals and communal professionals across the country. PAD provides a daily summary covering relevant issues, and is a comprehensive source of information which has become a go-to for many, the JLC included. We congratulate SCoJeC for the 2,000th issue – no small feat – and look forward to the next 2000!
Jonathan Goldstein, Chair
David Delew MBA, Chief Executive, Community Security Trust (CST)
Message from the Community Security Trust (CST)
SCoJeC's Political Affairs Digest has long been a staple of CST's public affairs monitoring for several years now. It helps us stay abreast of developments across a wide range of political arena that impact the Jewish community including in the areas of antisemitism, extremism, and counter-terrorism, which CST has a particular focus on. There is no doubt that the last 2,000 issues have greatly contributed to communal political intelligence and know-how during a critical period for our Jewish community, and will continue to do so.
David Delew MBA, Chief Executive
Danny Stone MBE, Chief Executive, Antisemitism Policy Trust
Message from the Antisemitism Policy Trust
The Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SCoJeC) is one of the best organisations in the Jewish world. The team at SCoJeC is a model for what Jewish representation and activism should look like. It is, therefore, no surprise that the organisation's written materials are of equal excellence. PAD distills down pages of information into need-to-know facts, and in our fast-moving world that is incredibly valuable. A thousand good wishes to SCoJeC on this, the 2,000th edition of the briefing, and thank you for all you do.
Danny Stone MBE, Chief Executive
Tim Robertson, Chief Executive, Anne Frank Trust
Message from the Anne Frank Trust UK
Dozens of e-bulletins land in my in-box, but SCoJeC's Political Affairs Digest is one that I always open and read. At a glance, I can see everything that's going on in the ever-complex, always changing machinery of Government, both north and south of the border. It's especially helpful on Jewish issues, of course, but also more widely on areas that affect us here at the Anne Frank Trust, like education and hate crime. It's enabled us to contribute to some crucial consultations – and makes me feel much more confidently informed than I would otherwise be. The Digest's 2,000th edition is truly a milestone to celebrate. This is one e-bulletin that I would like to see reaching its 10,000th edition and beyond.
Tim Robertson, Chief Executive
Assistant Chief Constable Gary Ritchie, Police Scotland
Message from Police Scotland
Congratulations to the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities for having published the 2,000th issue of their newsletter 'Political Affairs Digest'. Over the years, the daily newsletter has collated valuable information from diverse media sources about political events affecting the Jewish community.  I know that Police Scotland officers have found Political Affairs Digest to be a very helpful summary of events, providing detailed coverage that embraces Scottish, UK, and international news and developments. I wish you all the very best for the next 2,000 issues.
Assistant Chief Constable Gary Ritchie
Rami Ousta,  Chief Executive Officer, BEMIS – Empowering Scotland's Ethnic and Cultural Minority Communities
Message from BEMIS – Empowering Scotland's Ethnic and Cultural Minority Communities
It has been very encouraging to experience, for the last decade, the positive work that SCoJeC has been delivering especially with regards to enhancing access to relevant and focused information in relation to Equality, Human Rights, and Community Cohesion. The Political Affairs Digest is a unique example of these efforts. Similarly, we have witnessed a big increase in MEMO's readership at various levels among various stakeholders and the diverse third sector partners. BEMIS Scotland look forward to continuing our collaborative work with SCoJeC at various levels especially through MEMO, which is another key publication.
Rami Ousta,  Chief Executive Officer
Micheline Brannan, Chair, Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SCoJeC)
Message from the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SCoJeC)
I am very proud as Chair of SCoJeC that the Political Affairs Digest has reached its 2,000th edition and continues to be off such value to our stakeholders.  It is very gratifying to see how much people value it, as well as the huge readership, and we're delighted to be able to continue to support the wider Jewish community as well as other ethnic minority communities and policymakers in this way.  It is particular pleasing that UK bodies have placed reliance on our work and we are delighted we can be of service to them.  I hope that we will continue to be able to resource PAD for the foreseeable future.
Micheline Brannan, Chair
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