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Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SCoJeC)
Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SCoJeC)
Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SCoJeC)


Lag b'Omer Barbecue
17 May 2009

by Irving Hyman

Lag b'Omer barbecue

Lag b’Omer is one of the lesser festivals but also one of the more interesting ones. There are a number of different explanations put forward for Lag b’Omer but the one I like is that it’s the day that Rabbi Akiva’s students stopped insulting and fighting each other. It celebrates a day when Jews remembered the importance of their heritage and respected each other just because they were fellow Jews.  It’s a day when we can remember that everyone in the community has an important role and place, whatever their personal circumstances and point of view happens to be.

Lag b'Omer Barbecue

In what has now become annual event in the community calendar, Anne and Irving Hyman once  again  organised a  successful post  Lag  b’Omer barbeque at Muiravonside Country Park in Linlithgow. As SCoJeC has a role in reaching out to the smaller communities and our scattered masses Irving and Anne are happy to have it associated with the event. Everyone enjoys a nice day out in the country and a barbeque is always a good way to enjoy the sunshine without too much effort. On a bring-your-own basis no-one can complain that the food doesn’t suit them!

Lag b'Omer Barbecue
Lag b'Omer Barbecue

The outing is organised to bring the Jewish community together from far flung parts and this year we had old friends and new from Glasgow, Edinburgh, Falkirk, and even Fort William. With the  friendly informal setting people make new friends and renew old acquaintanceships. A healthy gathering of around 45–50  friends from across the communities had a great time together to celebrate this informal happy little chag in the Jewish calendar.


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